Hello followers, the name is Patrick Thomas Stemo! Im a white american that is destined to to great things. College life is what I live, and its amazing. My friends and family mean the world to me so if you are one of them then I love you and miss you!
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We are going to good, then you always back away. Like you are just holding it back that you dont want to, or that you still might not be completely over your ex….i hate this feeling. Women are just so daym confusing, always saying “idk” when I ask her. Saying that she cant put it into a sentence about how she feels or what she wants so all she can say is “idk”. It sucks

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Can´t things just go alright for me, for at least a day? I´m not asking for great or even good, just alright. Just one day where I can be happy about the good things that happened that day and not have so much other shit happen that makes the good things disappear. 

Sorry isnt good enough

I dont know what else to do, ive lost your trust a month ago and ive been trying and ive been saying sorry and ive been with you almost everyday I can. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont regret what I did, but it happened and im sorry. You deserve better then that and I hope you are much happier not being around me then. I know I wont be, but I hope you will…..